​岩本 裕司

1986 年、兵庫県生まれ。作曲家として映画、ドラマ、CMなどの映像音楽をはじめ、自身のオリジナル曲も

定期的にリリースするなど幅広く活動している。近年では、映画「青の帰り道」、ドラマ「日本ボロ宿紀行」、「今日、帰ります。」、「背徳の夜食」、CM「資生堂 レシピスト」、「大分むぎ焼酎 二階堂」、USJにて



​​Yuji Iwamoto

Yuji Iwamoto is a Korean-Japanese composer and was born in Japan in 1986. He started playing jazz guitar at the

age of 12 and has been playing in a large jazz ensemble band for more than 10 years.
At the age of 18, He went on to work as a guitarist playing in several jazz clubs in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto area.

From 2011, He began making music with acoustic instruments, synthesizer and computer. Additionally,

He writes original songs, create music for films, dramas and commercial movies. In November 2013,

Released his original album "Turns" inspired from the sceneries of the four seasons in Biei, Hokkaido and ranked

number one in the iTunes weekly chart of the easy listening album.

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